New employee (instruction for IT admin staff)

1. Get a blank key card for a new employee.
2. Download our key card applet applet_jc_ver304.cap.
3. Upload applet into the key card (e.g. using GlobalPlatformPro program).
4. Give the initialized card to the employee.
5. Ask employee to invent some PIN code, record this PIN in the database.

How to login (for employee)

1. Ask your IT admin to install our card authenticator program.
2. Insert your chip card.
3. Enter your PIN in the program.
4. Paste the generated "challenge" into the program.
5. Copy "response" generated by the program to the input field.


User: Joe
Challenge (copy this to the program): d84b58cd5e084cdc
Response (copy this from program to webpage): d154a9535617f4e1